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The right accessories can polish off any outfit.
Lastly, think about the finishing touches on your outfits. Usually, your chosen style, colour palette and your seasonal type will determine what colour of metal jewellery looks good on you.

Apart from jewellery (if any), in this section you should also think about other accessories such as bags. The same planning principles as for your clothes apply here. The types of bag that you need will be determined by your lifestyle.

Finally, think about seasonal accessories such as sunglasses and gloves.

Choosing accessories for your body shape(s)

Just like clothing, accessories can draw attention to the right areas to balance out the silhouette.

Regardless of your body shape(s) and as a general rule of thumb, bear in mind that the taller/bigger you are, the heavier your accessories can be, and the more petite/skinnier you are, the smaller they should be.

Knowing your body shape(s) can help you figure out where to strategically place accessories for balance.

Rectangle body shape

  • Jewellery

Theoretically, any jewellery will look good on you. Just be careful with longer necklaces as they can elongate the body even more. Big earrings and hair accessories draw the attention upward. You can put on fine as well as chunky necklaces and even combine several long strands. A combination of several long strings of beads will look great against a small chest.

  • Scarves & belts

In theory, any type of scarf would work for a rectangle body shape. The best styles are folds up or knots, which will help create visual balance here. Also great are round shapes on a pattern like floral or polka dots that help break up the rectangle. Belts are your best friend as they can help create the waist that the rectangle body shape is lacking. Opt for belts in dark or muted colours without embellishments - you don't want to draw too much attention to the waist. The taller you are, the heavier and wider the belt should be.

  • Bags

A bag for the rectangle body shape should create the illusion of curves against the long, lean body. Round styles are great - such as long-strapped satchel bags, clutches that can be tucked under your arm, and hobo bags. Choose handbags that rest at your natural waist.

With the straight shape of your shoulders, you can choose a bag with shoulder straps without them falling off. Add some details like embroidery, studs or a scarf around the straps and handles.

Avoid cross body bags or any other bags with long straps, as well as any bag that rests on or below your hips. This would only elongate the body.

Pear body shape

  • Jewellery

Jewellery can help draw the eye upwards and away from the wider hips. Necklaces, earrings, and hair clips are all great to add interest on the upper body. 18 to 24 inch necklaces work well because they sit just above the bust.Make sure to keep your jewellery in the upper half of your buddy and away from the hips.

  • Scarves & belts

Scarves are a great way to draw attention to the upper body. The best ones are chunky, long scarves that can be wrapped around the neck several times. These will add the most volume. You can also look out for wild patterns and loud colours.

Avoid wearing the scarves straight down the neck and make sure it is not placed too far down the body.

Adding a belt to loose fitting clothes can help emphasise the waist and accentuate your top half. But avoid wearing a belt around your hips as this would draw attention to them.

  • Bags

In order to make your shoulders appear broader and create balance, choose a bag that falls between your waist and hips. Adjustable straps are a great option here. Opt for clutches that can be tucked under your arm, long-strapped structured bags, satchel bags, and short-strapped shoulder bags. Choose bold colours, lots of details, a chunky style, or a sequined bag. Oversize bags are also great. It corresponds with your hips to make them look smaller.

Avoid any bag that sits on your hips. This would only widen them further. Bear in mind that shoulder straps on bags can be uncomfortable if your shoulders are sloping as they will tend to slide off.

Inverted triangle body shape

  • Jewellery

To break up the chest vertically, choose long pendant necklaces (they work the same way as a long, narrow V-neck). Big rings and bracelets are another way to draw attention away from the wider shoulders.

Avoid chunky necklaces and big earrings though as they are too close to the shoulder line.

  • Scarves & belts

Choose your scarves carefully in order not to add more volume to the broader shoulders. The best options are neck ties, and short or medium length scarves in solid colours that fall straight down the neck. Scarves that reach down to the waist or hips elongate the torso and visually slim down the shoulders.

Avoid any styles that will sit or wrap around the shoulders and visually broaden them. Also steer clear of any attention-grabbing styles - such as patterns, and loud colours that would create unwanted clutter on your upper half.You can wear belts to define the waist, but avoid very small ones.

  • Bags

Choose a handbag that will draw attention to the lower half of your body and away from the wider shoulders. Long straps are great and the bag should rest on your hips or thighs. Select chunky, detailed, and coloured handbags. Some of the choices include long-strapped satchel bags and long-strapped shoulder bags, hand-held structured bags, cross body bags, and hobo bags. Any of these bags will help de-emphasise your upper body.

Avoid clutches and short-strapped shoulder bags that would draw the eye upwards.

Hourglass body shape

  • Jewellery

Short necklaces that hug your neck or long necklaces in a V-form are great. Necklaces that reach the tummy are also fine.Keep away from very angular necklaces and necklaces that hang too low and wide over your chest, especially if they hit just below the bust.

  • Scarves & belts

Opt for scarves of medium length and wear them in folds up in their neckline. Ideally they shouldn’t lie over the bust; neither should they be placed or dangling over the tummy area.Make sure belts follow the natural curve of your waistline. Small to medium size belts and soft belts are great.

Steer clear of wide belts, as they can make an hourglass body shape with a small torso look even smaller. Also avoid hip belts as they emphasise your bottom and might make it more voluminous.

  • Bags

For an hourglass body shape, a handbag needs to sit near the natural waist, and not too close to the bust. Shoulder bags, satchel bags, cross body bags, and hobo bags with adjustable straps are great options. A carried clutch should be slightly wide. To play down your curves, choose a bag with angles - such as a box bag.Bear in mind that shoulder straps on bags can be uncomfortable if your shoulders are sloping as they will tend to slide off.

Apple body shape

  • Jewellery

Draw the eye away from your tummy with big earrings or hair ornaments, but stay away from chunky jewellery close to your bust.

  • Scarves & belts

Apple body shapes should choose scarves of medium length and wear them best in folds up in their neckline. Ideally they shouldn’t lie over the bust neither should they be placed or dangling over the tummy area. Best way of wearing scarves here are off-the- shoulder by choosing long and wide scarf styles or as well shawls.When wearing a belt, wear it on the empire line – just below the bust.

  • Bags

Choose wide handbags that have a slight structure. Go for medium-sized handbags such as bowling bag purses, tote bags, and hand-held structured bags. One of your options is to shift the attention to the hip area. Messenger bags, a shopper, over the shoulder bags as well as other bags with longer handles can do the trick.If you have a large bust, stay away from clutches, cross body bags, and shoulder bags. They will only make the upper body appear more wide and heavy.


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