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Welcome To The Concept Wardrobe

Here you’ll find a complete guide to building your ideal wardrobe, finding and developing your personal signature style, and tips on how to maintain your wardrobe and care for your clothes.

What You Will Find On This Website

Build Your Own

A complete guide to building your ideal wardrobe.

Personal Style

Resources to help you find and refine your signature fashion style.

Maintenance & Care

Tips and advice on how to care for your clothes.

Colour Analysis Services

The most crucial aspect of your wardrobe is colour. A colour can make or break your look. The right colour can breathe life into you and make you look and feel confident, whereas the wrong colour can leave you look drained, tired, and even sick.

But Which Colours Suit Me?

A lot of women struggle with finding their best colours and some women spent years searching for their perfect match. So instead of wasting a fortune on clothes that don’t suit you, why not invest in a personal colour analysis instead? This knowledge will last you a lifetime and will make shopping a much more enjoyable experience for you and your bank account.

Basic Seasonal Colour Analysis Preview - the concept wardrobe
Premium Colour Analysis Preview - the concept wardrobe