Welcome to the concept wardrobe

If your wardrobe is in need of a drastic overhaul, you have come to the right place. This website is all about building your perfect wardrobe and finding and refining your personal fashion style.


Helping you on your wardrobe journey

If you have ever had a 'I have nothing to wear' moment whilst staring at your overflowing wardrobe, let me comfort you: it's not you, it's your wardrobe.

Creating a functioning wardrobe is hard

There are lots of pieces that need to work together, so you can create effortless-looking outfits day after day.

Developing a personal fashion style is hard

Fashion is neither purely functional nor purely self-expression. It is both. And striking the balance between the two is not easy.
But luckily, you have stumbled upon the concept wardrobe. This website is all about helping you build the ideal wardrobe that serves you in your needs and makes you look and feel good. Day after day.

About the concept wardrobe

Although fashion should be an area where you can unleash your creativity and express yourself, this should not come at the price of overflowing wardrobes containing unworn clothes.

To avoid this situation, the concept wardrobe takes a unique approach to fashion: an analytical one. How is this useful?

The number of fashion brands is endless. Their number of collections per year also. And too much choice leads to bad decision making.

But if you can cut down on the choice - because let's be honest: you are never going to wear those 6 inch stilettos that looked so good in the shop - you can save money, time, and, incidentally, the planet.

Sounds good?

What you will find on here:

Build A Wardrobe

A complete step-by-step guide to building your ideal wardrobe.

Develop Personal Style

Fashion and style theories to help you find and refine your personal fashion style.

Care For Clothes

Tips and tricks to help you get the most use out of your clothing and keep your wardrobe sustainable.

The Shop

Wardrobe Building Essentials

Need assistance building your wardrobe?

Check out the handy products in the shop that will make your life so much easier.

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