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Colour Analysis Case Study #1: Kerry Washington

This is the first post in a series of colour analysis case studies, where I will analyse celebrities to show you how I determine their colour seasons. In this first case study, we will tackle the beautiful Kerry Washington, whom I believe to be a Bright Spring. So let's find out how I came to that conclusion!

Colour Dimension 1: Value

The first colour dimension we will look at is value. Does she suit light or dark colours? We will study Kerry in a range of dark as well as light colours to see what flatters her more. So let's take a look at her in some dark colours:

Hmm, definitely not her best looks! The black hair In the left-hand image overwhelms her, as does the black eyeliner in the next image. The dark lips are also not great and far too dark for her. The dark dresses are not as bad as the lipstick, but definitely not flattering. This means that we can rule out the Dark seasons for her. She is neither a Dark Autumn nor a Dark Winter.

Now let's see how she fares in light colours. (Note, I haven't found a lot of pictures of her in light colours, so we'll have to make do with what we've got.)

This is certainly better than the dark colours, but also not amazing. She looks a little bit fresher in the lighter colours. Therefore, we can conclude that she sits somewhere in the middle of the value scale. Medium or medium-light colours will probably look best on her. This means we can rule out Light Spring and Light Summer as her colour seasons.

Let's move on to the next colour dimension.

Colour Dimension 2: Hue

Let's determine her hue next, ie whether she suits warm or cool colours (gold or silver). First up, cool colours:

Hmm, cool colours are not extremely bad, but they are not particularly flattering on her either. The brighter cool colours here definitely look better than the more muted ones. The silver on the left makes her really greyed out and the white makes her pasty.

So let's see how warm colours look on her:

Now this is a lot better! The warmer colours make her look a lot more alive and less pasty than the cool ones. Although the gold dress does give her some yellowness, overall, the warmer colours are a better match for her. Therefore, she will probably be somewhere in the warmer region but not extremely warm.

So now we can rule out True Spring, True Summer, True Autumn, and True Winter as possible colour seasons for her. That leaves us with the two soft seasons and the two bright seasons.

Colour Dimension 3: Chroma

Lastly, we will determine her chroma. Is Kerry bright or muted? Let's start with muted colours first:

Oh dear, muted colours are really not for her. The nude lip in the image at the bottom doesn't do anything for her, it just blends into her skin. And the other colours here just look very boring on her. This means we can eliminate Soft Summer and Soft Autumn.

Now chances are she will look fabulous in bright colours. Let's find out!

Bingo! Here she is in a range of bright lipsticks and she looks absolutely radiant. Notice how her complexion comes to life and her whole appearance is lifted. Now, the lip in the left-hand image at the top is quite cool and it doesn't look as great as the somewhat warmer colours here. But this makes sense since we have already established that warmer colours look better on her than cooler ones.

Verdict: Bright Spring

Now that we have determined Kerry's position on each colour dimension, we can determine her season. Her dominant characteristic is bright, her secondary characteristic is warm, and on the value scale she is somewhere in the middle. That makes her a Bright Spring! So let's look at her in some Bright Spring colours:

Wow! I think she looks absolutely stunning in Spring colours. The image on the left is probably my favourite image. The coral dress looks so beautiful on her! Notice how her complexion comes to life in all of these bright and warm colours compared to her pasty complexion in the cool, the muted, and the dark colours. Here she is glowing and gorgeous.

So there you have it: Kerry Washington, the Bright Spring. What do you think?

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