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The True Winter Make-up Palette

True Winter combines coolness with brightness. This is the original Winter season in the four seasons colour analysis.

Its colours are cool, bright and range from very light to very dark. True Winter's natural appearance is highly contrasted and intense. True Winter make-up is therefore at its best when it's similarly contrasted, cool and crisp.


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True Winter Colour Wheel

True Winter is the original Winter season in the four seasons colour analysis and sits between Dark Winter and Bright Winter on the seasonal flow chart.

Its opposite season is True Summer. And in contrast to the latter, True Winter’s appearance is brilliant and highly contrasted.

I. Natural Appearance

True Winter Natural Appearance

A True Winter is typically easily distinguishable through their frosty appearance. Their icy coolness is visible in every feature.

A True Winter may have light skin and dark hair, or all of their features may be dark. But regardless of how the True Winter appears, the contrast between the features is always high. In the latter case, the contrast arises as a result of the dark features contrasting with the whites of the eyes and the teeth.

The combination of all of these factors makes the True Winter overall appear very intense and icy.

To achieve a harmonious make-up look, you will need to mimic your natural characteristics with your make-up. So remember, a natural look on you is a contrasted, intense look. 

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II. The Colour Palette

If you want to learn more about the True Winter colour palette, please refer to the comprehensive guide.

True Winter Colour Palette
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True Winter Colour Palette
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True Winter's primary colour aspect is cool, and its secondary aspect is bright.

True Winter Colour Dimensions


True to this season’s primary aspect, the colours are very cool, meaning they contain blue undertones but no yellow undertones. So even if you choose yellow (which is the warmest colour of all), you will find only cool shades. In addition, there are very few yellow-based colours on the palette and more shades of blue and icy pinks, which are naturally cool-based.


The palette ranges from the lightest value (true white) to the darkest (true black). Overall, the palette is on the darker side because bright blue – the undertone of this palette – is medium-dark.


The colours are fairly high in chroma, meaning they are saturated, bright and vibrant – in keeping with this season’s secondary colour aspect.

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III. Make-up Colours

True Winter make-up colours are taken from the same colour palette that is used for clothing.

Complexion Make-up

Complexion make-up includes foundation, concealers and bronzers. These are taken from the neutrals area of the palette.

Foundation & Concealer

True Winter skin is cool with clear blue undertones and ranges from fair to dark. However, it's not possible to give recommendations on complexion make-up - such as foundation and concealer. These are best colour-matched to your individual skin.

True Winter Skin

Generally, though, foundation and concealer are best when they have a dewy or satin finish.

Avoid yellow and peachy tones, which have warm undertones and will clash with your naturally cool complexion. And steer clear of matte finishes, which will make you look dull.

Bronzer & Highlighter

Bronzer is not a make-up product designed for True Winters since its purpose is to bring out a golden warmth, which True Winters do not possess. Stay away from bronzers, as they will simply look off on you.

If you want to add some highlights to your face, apply some highlighter to your cheeks instead. It will add some shimmer without the golden tones of a bronzer.

Eye Make-up

Eye make-up colours are also taken from the neutral area of the True Winter palette. Highlight eyeshadows come from the complementary and accent colours areas on the palette.


Neutral eyeshadow colours are the whites and greys on the palette. As a Winter, you can also add blacks to more dramatic looks.

For highlight and accent eyeshadow colours, opt for the purples, blues and greens on your palette. Make sure to choose clean, cool shades. Frosted finishes or cool metallics typically look best.

Avoid matte eyeshadows, which may look dull on your bright appearance. And stay away from warm, golden and bronze eyeshadows, which are not suitable for Winters.

True Winter Make-up - Eyeshadow


As a Winter, your best choice of mascara is, of course, black. Other colours just won't look as good on you because True Winter needs contrast and intensity. Often, even a dark grey won't be intense enough. You could also try dark blue mascara, though it's a hit and miss.

Stay away from warm browns that will clash with your cool appearance.

True Winter Make-up - Mascara


Eyeliner colours include black, dark greys, dark blues, purples and greens. Helpful tip: choose an eyeliner in a similar colour to your eyes to bring them out.

Avoid brown, light and overly colourful eyeliner colours.

True Winter Make-up - Eyeliners

Lip & Cheek Make-up

Blush and lip colours come from the pink, red and purple areas of the True Winter colour palette.


Generally, True Winter blushes are a cool pinkish or purplish colour. Depending on the depth of your skin tone, choose the pinks for lighter skin tones and the purples for darker skin tones. Some trial and error may be required to find the perfect shade.

Avoid warm oranges and peach colours that will clash with your frosty appearance.

True Winter Make-up - Blush


The best lip colours for True Winters are blue-based pinks, reds and purples.

Even though these colours may at first glance seem bold, they will look very natural on you because they mimic the intensity of your appearance.

Again, avoid warm oranges, yellow-based reds, brown tones and peachy pinks.

True Winter Make-up - Lipstick
True Winter Lipstick Chart
True Winter
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IV. Make-up Looks

Natural Looks

True Winter make-up is at its best when it's intense and contrasted.

As mentioned before, when we think of a natural make-up look, we often think of nude, skin-toned or bare lips and very little eye make-up in neutral colours. However, this type of 'natural' look does not work on True Winters.

A natural look is one that will mimic the characteristics of your natural appearance. For a True Winter, this means high contrast and brightness. Too little intensity will make you look washed out.

Even though it might seem unintuitive at first, a cool pink or purple lip colour (depending on the depth of your skin tone) and some black mascara on your lashes will look very natural on you. You can use lipstick or lipgloss.

One important thing to remember for a True Winter make-up look is that both your eyes and your lips must have the same intensity. Don't go for just a bold lip with minimum eye make-up. It will unbalance your face.

Dramatic Looks

The classic dramatic make-up look for Winters is the pin-up look, with light eyeshadow, winged black liner and a red lip. Smoky eyes are also possible. You have all the right greys for it on your palette!

Make sure to keep your lips similarly bright. Nude lips are an absolute no-go for a True Winter.

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