Light Spring

Make-up Palette

Light Spring combines lightness with warmth. This sub-season is part of the Spring family and flows into Summer.

Its colours are light, neutral-warm, and quite bright. Light Spring make-up is therefore naturally fresh and delicate.

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Natural Appearance

The contrast in Light Spring's natural appearance is low. The features are typically all very light.

Unlike Light Summer, though, there is some brightness in your appearance.The combination of all of these factors makes the Light Spring overall appear light and delicate.

Consequently, these natural characteristics will need to be repeated in your make-up.

So remember, a natural look on you is a very gentle look. And the Light Spring colour palette lends itself well to creating the required freshness.

The Colour Palette

Light Spring's dominant characteristic is light, and its secondary characteristic is warm. If you want to learn more about the Light Spring colour palette, check out the comprehensive Light Spring guide.


Light Spring is part of the Spring family, which is warm. However, since it flows into Summer, Light Spring colours are somewhat cooler than True Spring colours.


In line with its dominant characteristic, Light Spring sits at the lightest end of the value scale. Consequently, the darker make-up colours for this season will be the lightest out of all the seasons, hovering somewhere around the middle of a white-to-black scale.


Also due to its place in the Spring family, Light Spring is not muted. Though light, the colours are quite bright and saturated. This means that the colour pigments of your make-up products should be pure.

Make-up Colours

True Spring make-up colours are taken from the same colour palette that is used for clothing.

Light Spring make-up colours are taken from the same colour palette that is used for clothing.

Complexion make-up

Complexion make-up includes foundation, concealers, and bronzers. These would typically be taken from the yellow neutrals palette. Bronzers would come from the peachy area of the palette.

Foundation & concealer

Light Spring skin is light and warm; it ranges from porcelain over warm ivory to tan. However, it's not possible to give recommendations on complexion make-up - such as foundation and concealer. These must be colour-matched to your individual skin.

Generally though, foundation and concealer are best when they are thin, liquid, and yellow-based, in colours like almond and soft beige. Creamy complexion make-up may look really heavy and apparent on a Light Spring, so opt for lightweight formulations with little coverage and dewy finishes.

Bronzer & Highlighter

Bronzing and contouring typically does not improve a Light Spring's appearance. This is because their light complexion cannot handle many darker, earthier bronzing and contouring colours.

If you really want to wear bronzer, go for a lighter one with a peachy tone. If your skin leans more towards tan, you can handle a slightly browner colour - such as medium gold, just make sure it's yellow-based. And don't over-apply bronzer; a light application is more than enough for a Light Spring.

But it's best to stay away from contouring altogether as it can look heavy and dirty, and is especially problematic on your ethereal complexion.

Eye Make-up

Eye make-up colours are also taken from the neutral area of the Light Spring palette with the exception of eyeshadow colours. Highlight eyeshadows come from the lightest complementary and accent colours.


Eyeshadow colours usually come from the neutrals in the Light Spring palette - the creams, browns, and greys. The resulting colours are almond milk, linen, light peach, and sand. Eyeshadow greys are less blue than in the Summers.

For highlight eyeshadows, opt for the gentle pastels with yellow undertone on your palette. Some of the more colourful options are pinks, peaches, yellows, greens, and blues.

When choosing eyeshadows, opt for creamy, sheer colours with pure pigments.

Avoid bright colours or those with a cool blue undertone. The former will make you look like a clown, while the latter will drain your appearance.


Due to the lightness of this sub-season's appearance, even small shifts in darkness level are amplified, where they might be less significant on another. Black mascara on the lashes is therefore not your best option as it can attract lots of attention, appearing almost aggressive against the light complexion.

Your best mascara options are much lighter than black: various shades of brown and grey.


Eyeliner colours are similar to mascara with the addition of the more colourful green and teal shades.

Again, avoid black, as it's too harsh on you. Your darkest colours here are warm charcoal and coffee brown.

Lip & Cheek Make-up

Lip and cheek colours come from the peach, coral, and pink area of your colour palette.


Blush colours come from the peachy pink and coral area of your palette. Make sure blush is yellow-and not blue-based. All will work on a Light Spring, but some testing is required to find that perfectly matching shade.

Blush should have a slight shimmer. It should be light, shiny, and colourful. Make sure not to over-apply blush though, as it can look like paint if overdone.


You have quite a few lipstick options to choose from but often it's a form of trial and error until you find the perfect one: from warm pink over apricot and peach to coral pink.

Light Spring lipsticks are often glosses or stains, as the end result should be natural and soft.

Choose creamy, sheer colours rather than dark, muted ones. Brown lip colours are also not great.

Bright, opaque colours don’t look natural on you. You don’t need bright or dark lipstick to dramatise your look. Aim for a delicate dramatic look.

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Make-up Looks

Natural Looks

Light Spring make-up is at its best when it's fresh and delicate.

A natural make-up look is one that will mimic the characteristics of your natural appearance.For a Light Spring, this means lightness and freshness.

A dark lip combined with heavy eye make-up on a Light Spring will make them look overwhelmed. This season doesn't need much make-up to achieve a natural look. What is required here is minimal eye make-up and a nude lip.

For instance, you can create a nude make-up look with a pale peach lip. For your eyes, apply a slight wash of taupe eyeshadow (or skip the eyeshadow altogether) and add a little bit of mascara like Gwyneth Paltrow.

Dramatic Looks

For dramatic looks, the same principle as above applies. Keep your make-up light and fresh; and avoid heavy, opaque colours.

Sheen, gloss, and a bit of sparkle are what work magic on a Light Spring.

Although Light Spring is gentle, it is also very colourful; which means your make-up looks can get quite colourful too!

Simply take your natural look a bit further with one of the more intense coral lipsticks and slightly more eye make-up to create playful and dramatic looks.

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